Whiteboards to the Rescue

From time to time, writing information on a surface that everyone can see is an absolute necessity for any business.  Sometimes you may decide that a brainstorming session is needed to generate ideas for upcoming business opportunities, or you may need to do a little problem solving.  Whiteboards are exactly what is needed to record the information during those meetings.  Whatever the purpose of the meeting, whiteboards provide an opportunity to present your information without a chalky mess.   In addition, the non glare surface makes reading easier.  We have a variety of whiteboards from which to choose, and you are sure to find one to meets the particular needs of your company.

Commercial Magnetic White Boards

This board looks great in any office.  If you have limited space, this is the perfect board for your office since it can be conveniently mounted to the wall.  Also because this board has a magnetic surface, it can be used to write on or to hang messages with magnets. 
This is a great addition to a meeting room or even in an information center. 

Commercial Mobile Whiteboards

This board functions much like our Commercial Magnetic White Board in that it too is magnetic.  Messages may be easily hung on written on this board. 
It is completely portable, so it can be easily moved from one area to another.
For those who are looked for ergonomically safe office tools, this is the perfect board for you.  This board is equipped with locking wheels for stability.  Also, the board is designed to prevent movement when being written on.
No tools are required for its simple assembly, so people can easily get it set up in their office.

Electronic Whiteboards

The extraordinary efficiency of the electronic whiteboard is unbelievable.  When you fill this board, just press a button and a blank screen appears for more notes.   Writing on this board may be easily printed from its built in printer.  Think of the convenience for keeping records of brainstorming ideas or notes when using this at your meetings.  Convenience and accurate record keeping alone makes this electronic white board worth every penny.

Cabinet Whiteboards

This cabinet has whiteboard on the inside and outside.  If you are dealing with confidential information, this is the answer to your whiteboard needs.  Information can be hidden behind closed cabinet doors. 
The surface is non magnetic with an aluminum frame and hinged doors.
For many years, businesses have used chalkboards but have found them messy and difficult to read.  Chalky dust can

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